Established in 2014, TOILITECH is the brand with which PTMatic commercializes self-cleaning toilets, automatic public toilets (APT), prefabricated toilets, eco-friendly toilets and urban furniture integrated solutions.

TOILITECH serves the international market and, thanks to its capacity for innovation and ongoing development of cutting-edge formal and technological solutions, is one of the world’s leading names in the supply of public toilets.

Product range

TOILITECH offers a vast range of products, including self-cleaning toilets, pre-fabricated toilets, automatized traditional toilets, eco-friendly dry toilets and pop-up toilets.

Solutions for everyone

All TOILITECH’s facilities are designed and implemented to allow accessibility to users with disabilities. All our products comply with legislation in force in all our various markets. TOILITECH is committed to an ongoing study of the indoor ergonomics of its facilities and develops a vast range of technological solutions (vocal instructions, internal and external instructions in braille, LED-lighted large operating buttons, etc.) to help hearing impaired or physically challenged users.

In addition to our solutions for users with special needs, our toilets are designed to meet the needs of specific groups, such as children (changing tables, safety systems for the safe access of children, etc.) elderly people (large LED-lighted operating buttons, diffuse lighting, absence of obstacles on the floor, PTCall® emergency call system, etc.).


TOILITECH’s main goal is to offer users of its public toilets a perception of total hygiene and safety, two issues of the utmost importance for a pleasant and comfortable use of our facilities.

The experience gained over the years in the production of public toilets has led our company to develop a significant range of products, which provides an effective response to all possible needs of its clients. Some of TOILITECH’s self-cleaning toilets have been in operation for more than twenty years and are still perfectly functioning thanks to our programmed maintenance service.

Strong points

All TOILITECH toilets are studied with painstaking attention to design to offer maximum flexibility in external and internal finishes, comfortable environment and state-of-the art technology. This guarantees total safety to users and the highest levels of cleanliness and disinfection.

Our toilets are designed to be installed in outdoor areas (parking lots, markets, bus terminals, parks, squares etc.), and indoor areas, in existing buildings (historical buildings and palaces of great artistic value) as well as new buildings or facilities (underground parking, subway stations, etc.).

After-sales service

TOILITECH offers an efficient managing and maintenance service of its facilities, thanks to a patented technology that allows remote monitoring of each unit. Specialized technicians visit periodically all toilets to ensure their perfect efficiency and operation over time.