Toilette autopulente TONE

Self-Cleaning Toilet TONE

Self-cleaning toilet


TONE is an OUTDOOR SELF-CLEANING TOILET suitable for able-bodied users, designed and built to combine reliability, durability and high technology, guaranteeing safety to users and a perfect disinfection after each use.


TONE facilities are projected to be installed in very busy areas, e.g. logistic areas, bus terminus, parking lots, etc. Designed and tested to be extremely easy to maintain, the toilet is constructed to offer endurance and strength, while guaranteeing high levels of efficiency and performance during their entire life cycle.


Our SMART® cleaning and disinfection system guarantees a high level of hygiene and disinfection of the toilet. Our system is the only one on the market to use a concealed spray arm over the bowl to clean and dry the bowl and surrounding walls up to a height of 80 cm, while a floor-integrated high-pressure nozzle system sprays water and disinfectant on the floor.


  • External and internal toilet measurements may vary according to the design. Standard external measurements are: 2,02 m x 1,50 m, height 2,40 m approx.; standard internal measurements are: 1,15 m x 1 m
  • SMART® technology wash and disinfection: wash, disinfection, drying of bowl and walls up to a height of 80 cm, scouring and disinfection of floor
  • Safe access to technical room from the outside
  • Single block reinforced concrete, vandal resistant, fireproof, antigraffiti
  • Extreme flexibility in choice of exterior finishes
  • External cladding in HPL, without joints, vandal resistant, fireproof, antigraffiti
  • Automatic opening and closing sliding door
  • User detecting system, vandal resistant wall-recesses washbasin
  • SOS push button for emergency calls and PTCall® bidirectional emergency call system
  • Access control with pushbutton, multi-coin cash box or swipe card with scheduling of access time option
  • Self-diagnosis system in the case of fault and remote real-time alarm from GSM mobile phone or computer