Plus technology

Self-cleaning toilets with Plus technology®

Management, cleaning and disinfection of toilets with PLUS® technology guarantees a perfect wash, disinfection a drying of the toilet. This combined, patented system washes and dries the toilet bowl, scrubs and removes all debris from toilet floors, and dries floors thanks to our Lava;–Tergipavimento® patented floor wiper system

Self-cleaning toilets equipped with PLUS® technology are the following:

Outdoor models



Indoor models



What is PLUS technology?

  1. Automatic wash and disinfection:
    • Micro-flush coating of the bowl while in use;
    • Automatic flush of the bowl after use, wash and disinfection of bowl, drying of bowl top;
    • Washing and disinfection of toilet walls up to a height of 0,8 m around the bowl;
    • Washing of washbasin with high-pressure nozzle;
    • Scouring of floors with floor wiper system for mechanized removal of debris; washing, disinfection and drying of floors with Lava–Tergipavimento® technology, patent nr. MI 2005 A001873.
    • The entire toilet is washed and DISINFECTED by silver hydrogen-peroxide spray during night-time closure with special DCN-ECO3® cycle (upon request)
  2. Precise detecting of presence of users:
    • Special electronic weight sensors determine with extreme precision (<1 Kg. margin of tolerance) the presence of children, adults (one or more) in the toilet, guaranteeing a safe and targeted use of the facility and avoiding misuse.
  3. Maximum safety for users:
    • All moving parts are pneumatic; if power fails, the door still opens and closes.
    • The washbasin is shaped to avoid the presence of hazardous objects (syringes or other).
    • There are no sharp edges or joints; every component of the toilet is projected with careful attention to ergonomics.
    • PTCall® two-way emergency call system

TOILITECH – automatic public toilets with Plus Technology®

Exlusive patented system Lava;-Tergipavimento®