Prefabricated Toilet SAM

Prefabricated Toilet SAM

Automatic public restroom


SAM are PREFABRICATED AUTOMATIC OUTDOOR public toilets designed to be installed in urban contexts (markets, parks, rest areas, parking lots, etc.)


Sam toilets have an extremely ROBUST and FLEXIBLE structure, a specially designed block of reinforced concrete that allows a variety of finishes and formal solutions. The toilet can be ordered in the standard version, with a cubicle for disabled persons, or with two or more cubicles than can be fitted as toilets for disabled persons, unisex toilets, changing rooms , shower cubicles, storage rooms, urinals etc.


A remote electronic INTEGRATED AUTOMATIC system manages and monitors all the toilet’s automatic devices. The facility can be equipped with a special cash box to control access , sensors to detect the presence of a person inside the toilet, a washbasin with automatic dispensers of water/soap/air etc.

Product range

SAM toilets are available in various configurations and are designed according to the client’s needs. Our technical department studies personalized solutions that are adapted to the specific requirements of the customer:

  • SAM H:automatic toilet with one cubicle suitable for persons with disabilities
  • SAM HN: automatic toilet with one cubicle suitable for persons with disabilities and one cubicle for able-bodied users
  • SAM 2H: automatic toilet with two cubicles suitable for persons with disabilities
  • SAM HU: automatic toilet with one cubicle suitable for disabled persons and one closed area with urinals
  • SAM HO: automatic toilet with one cubicle suitable for persons with disabilities and an open area with urinals
  • SAM HUD: automatic toilet with one cubicle suitable for persons with disabilities , a closed area with urinals and a shower cubicle


  • External dimensions may vary according to the number, type and design of toilets
  • Monoblock in reinforced vibrated concrete, vandal resistant, fireproof, anti-graffiti
  • Interior HPL cladding, without joints, vandal resistant, fireproof, anti-graffiti (interior can be fitted with tiles)
  • Non-slip, impact resistant, easy to maintain aluminium floor I
  • Automatic flush to wash the bowl internally after each use
  • Stainless steel semi-recessed wall mounted washbasin with automatic dispensers of soap, water and hot air; and patented anti-syringe system
  • Stainless steel hinged door, with AUTOMATIC closing device, with stainless steel frame. The door is vandal, without hinges and is equipped with integrated LED signals of “free/engaged/out of work” located on the external frame, vertical handrail and internal button for block/unblocking of the door. Door is timed to open automatically after 15 minutes.
    Sliding automatic opening and closing door in anti-fingerprint stainless steel is also available upon request
  • hanger, baby-changing table, safety mirror
  • SOS push-button for emergency calls and bidirectional emergency call PTCall® system
  • Low consumption interior lighting
  • Safety access to technical room from the outside
  • Access control also available with multi-coin cash box or swipe card
  • Access for users with disabilities in accordance with the provisions of European regulations.
  • Self-diagnosis system in case of a fault and real-time remote alarm from GSM mobile- phone or computer.