Toilitech and respect for the environment

Throughout the years, our Company has always operated with the conviction that environmental protection is a fundamental value for the community. Our commitment towards the environment is clearly shown by the adoption of materials and technologies that minimize environmental impact by reducing water and energy consumption.
Our plant in Bareggio is equipped with a photovoltaic system that reduces CO2 emissions and produces energy by renewable sources.
Our company fully meets the requirements of the International Standards Organization (ISO) 14000 benchmark for environmental management.

Productive cycle of low environmental impact toilets

90% of components of our public toilets are recyclable (cement, aluminum, plastic etc.). Our Company offers a garbage disposal service, organized by our plant, for toilets that have reached the end of their life cycle.

Remote management system of automated toilets

All our automated toilets can be equipped with a remote control system that monitors the toilet’s state. This reduces the number of cleaning visits and optimizes maintenance with savings of up to 10% in fuel consumption.

PTMatic e il rispetto dell'ambiente

Reduction to a minimum of water consumption in automated toilets

Our self-cleaning toilets are equipped with a washing system that uses up to 35% less water compared to traditional ones, with a consumption of 16 liters per wash cycle. When the toilet is vacant, the water system is shut-off, with no risks of loss or waste of water.

Low consumption internal lighting systems

Internal and external lighting of toilets is provided by 12 V LED lamps. When toilets are vacant, the lamps switch off to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. Total energy consumption amounts to about 20 W per cycle.

Eco-friendly dysinfection system DCN-ECO3®

Automated toilets are totally disinfected at scheduled times, with no release of pollutants into the environment.