Self-cleaning toilet TWATER series

Self-cleaning toilet TWATER series

Selbstreinigende Toilettenanlage Modell: TMATIC


TWATER is an INDOOR self-cleaning toilet designed to replace traditional toilets. It eliminates the need to build tiled walls, floors, doors, plumbing, etc. The unit is designed and built to combine reliability, durability and high technology, guaranteeing safety to users and a perfect disinfection after each use.

Product range

  • TWater H – TWATER 19: thanks to the special dimensions of the cubicle and efficient arrangement of accessories, these toilets are suitable for persons with disabilities and comply with the Italian legislation in force (Ministerial Decree n. 236 of 14/06/1989, under Italian Presidential Decree of 24/07/1996) and European legislation. The standard model is equipped with access to technical room from the outside, but a model with access from the inside is also available upon request.
  • TWater 10 – TWATER N: suitable for able-bodied users, interior measurements can be customized according to the client’s needs.
  • TWater A: the smallest model of the TWater range. It is equipped with a small cupboard containing all the automation parts for the management of the automatic washbasin and the washing and drying of the toilet bowl, thus guaranteeing all PTMatic technology in a minimum space-saving size.


Our SMART® cleaning and disinfection system guarantees a high level of hygiene and disinfection of the toilet. Our system is the only one on the market to use a concealed spray arm over the bowl to clean and dry the bowl and surrounding walls up to a height of 80 cm, while a floor-integrated high-pressure nozzle system sprays water and disinfectant on the floor.


  • Internal toilet measurements may vary according to the location and the model required (for disabled/able-bodied users, etc.)
  • SMART® technology wash and disinfection: wash, disinfection, drying of bowl and walls up to a height of 80 cm, scouring and disinfection of floor , wash of washbasin
  • Safe access to technical room from the outside (from the inside upon request)
  • Internal cladding in HPL, without joints, vandal resistant, fireproof, antigraffiti
  • Hinged or sliding door
  • User detecting radar-controlled system
  • Patented anti-syringe washbasin
  • SOS push button for emergency calls and PTCall® bidirectional emergency call system
  • Access control with pushbutton, multi-coin cash box or swipe card with scheduling of access time option
  • Access for users with disabilities in accordance with the provisions of the Italian Ministerial Decree n. 236 of 14/06/1989, under Italian Presidential Decree n. 503 of 24/07/1996
  • Self-diagnosis system in the case of fault and remote real-time alarm from GSM mobile phone or computer